Day 88: Inspired by Bike Touring Kids!

We knew today was going to be a long day. Not only because the mileage was long, but because there was no direct route to Pasadena. We couldn’t bike on the freeway, so we’d be biking through cities. That meant lots of stops and traffic lights, but it was no big thing. We’re used to biking in the city! Us New York City girls have this one in the bag!


Check out those shorts tans! Ready to take on the day and perfect them even more.

After a delicious granola breakfast with John, we began our day of riding. It looked like it was going to storm, but luckily it cleared up throughout the day. Most of the day consisted of riding through neighborhoods and seeing the houses change along the way. At one point, we were riding on a really cool bike path called the Pacific Electric Trail. It follows the route for the old Pacific Electric Railway, so it was a straight shot and very refreshing to be in a car-free lane!


Jaime on the bike path!

The ride was smooth and flat, but we were still working up an appetite nonetheless. We made a stop at a Mexican restaurant and devoured some guacamole, our old bike trip standby. We met a guy named Alan outside of the restaurant, who gave us high-fives and wished us well. He found our website later and sent us a really nice message! We love when people who we meet keep up with us, it’s the best!


Pretty flowers.

Back on the road, we couldn’t believe we were so close to the end. When we’d stop at a gas station for water, we’d think about how after the trip, it won’t be exactly normal to just sit around gas stations, which we’ve become so accustomed to doing. We joked that in the future, we’ll meet up at gas stations instead of coffee shops to hang out.

It was a long day of riding today, and the last 15 miles were tough. The neighborhoods we were biking through at the end were absolutely beautiful, and we marvelled at the houses while steadily climbing uphill. After about an hour and half more of riding, we made it to our Warmshowers host, Dan. He was super nice, and welcomed us into his home with a meal of couscous and vegetables waiting for us. We met his kids, Celeste and Aaron, and heard stories about their family bike trips. These nine and ten year olds had done a bike tour with 35 mile days! We were quite impressed by these kids. The family is even planning another one for this upcoming summer. Celeste and Aaron, you two are beasts.


Orfos lights keeping us safe when we finished our ride well into the evening!

Celeste played us her violin followed by Aaron serenading us with his flute. After a fun night hanging out and talking on the deck, we headed inside for our last sleep before the big day to Santa Monica! We can’t believe it. Not one bit. Won’t be easy to fall asleep tonight!

October 23, 2015

Starting Point: Redlands, CA

Destination: Pasadena, CA

Today’s Miles Biked: 67

Total Miles Biked: 2670


One thought on “Day 88: Inspired by Bike Touring Kids!

  1. What a great adventure. Don’t finish. What will I read tomorrow. Love aunt honey. 🚴🏽🚴🏽 and uncle David 😘😘


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